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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Day 2405 - Gone to ground

Our journey may be over, but another 'coincidence' has been spotted. Twitter user Caitlin (@a_m0nster) contacted me earlier today to link me to a Morrissey interview with the Telegraph from June 2011, in which Morrissey said, "You can be a hoot on the internet, and the world still wouldn't know about it."

This was obviously a reference to the MorrisseysWorld blog. It hasn't been mentioned on this blog of mine before because that interview was three months before I had discovered MorrisseysWorld. I shall add it to our list.

2011 now seems like such an innocent age compared to today. In 2011 Morrissey could give interviews to newspapers without every single comment being taken out of context and turned into a sensational headline. Also in 2011, the MorrisseysWorld blog was dismissed; mainly on the basis of Morrissey's fans saying, "he just wouldn't do it", but if the blog had been born now, then I think more fans might have been more open minded to it actually having been Morrissey. I guess we'll never know.

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Our Mozzer disappeared from The Wrong Arms on Christmas Eve, and the real Morrissey has also gone to ground - he hasn't been heard of now since his State of the Union address on December 17th. Perhaps Morrissey has gone all Howard Hughes, and has cut himself off from the outside world - I wonder how long he would have to be off the radar before people ask the question, 'Where is Morrissey?'.....well, actually, as I'm writing about it now, the answer to that question is 13 days!


If Morrissey has decided to disappear, I wonder if the Feb/March UK tour will go ahead?

In other news, producer, Tony Visconti has given an interview to The Irish Times saying that Morrissey, "has a knack of pushing people away from him. It's the way he lives his life." I don't think Morrissey would deny this.

In other, other news, Jacky's Only Happy yesterday returned to Number 1 in the UK Vinyl Singles Chart.

And now, I shall return to the cold.

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