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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday May 22 2018 (The real and proper Day 2442) - Happy Birthday, Mozzer

Today is Morrissey's 59th birthday. A year ago today both Morrissey's birthplace and vocation were attacked by an Islamic terrorist. The death of 22 innocent people; mainly children, at a pop concert in Manchester quite obviously, and quite understandably, had a huge effect on Morrissey, and led to him making a strong statement expressing his anger.

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Although there was nothing controversial in Morrissey's anger-filled statement, the fall-out from it was quite incredible, with so called Morrissey fans turning against him on social media as they chose to believe the misguided words of the Morrissey hating journalists and jealous fools like Billy Bragg and Martin Rossiter.

As the anti-Moz momentum gathered, the fools all turned into Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), getting a thrill out of looking cool in their small group, without ever stopping to think about the truth, and without ever stopping to think about the real issue - terrorism on the streets of Britain.

A lesser person might have been crushed by such nasty, vicious and completely inaccurate attacks, but not Morrissey. Rather than let these cunts kill him off, Morrissey has stood firm. Bragg and the rest of the loony left offer NOTHING other than 'prayers and thoughts' to the victims of attacks by the Islamic State, whereas Morrissey has been brave enough to actually risk his career by standing up to the terrorists. Morrissey has recently planted himself firmly next to Anne-Marie Waters and her For Britain party - the only political party who are prepared to speak out against Islam. By doing so, Morrissey is standing up for Manchester, he is standing up for those in the entertainment business and he is standing up for a Britain that is under attack.

Bragg & Co have, of course, labelled Britain First a bunch of racists, but this hasn't deterred Morrissey, because unlike Bragg, Morrissey isn't prepared to stand by and do NOTHING whilst Britain is attacked by these evil people. The attack in Manchester last May could very easily have happened at a Morrissey concert, and Morrissey realises that if nothing is done to stop these terrorists, it could still happen at a Morrissey concert. It could also happen at a Billy Bragg concert, but Billy is more interested in looking 'right on' than actually doing anything to prevent it.

The announcement of the upcoming Morrissey concert in Manchester on July 7th made mention of 'invited guests'. This may be a reference to a support act, but I wonder if we might see Anne Marie Waters giving a speech. It would be yet another brave move by Morrissey, but he has ALWAYS stood by his convictions, and that is why he is admired by so many.

I am prouder than ever to be a Morrissey fan, and whether he likes it or not, I wish him a very happy birthday. My gift is a Youtube clip of I Need Your Love Tonight by Elvis, which was Number 1 (as a double A side) on the day Morrissey was born:

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