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Friday, 5 December 2014

Day 1167 - Coming soon

Our Mozzer has left a message via his secretary, 'R', to say that a new parody piece is coming soon. He has once again requested that the piece be left on the front page of FTM for 5 days, but I am going to do better than that, and will give the new parody piece front page exposure on the World's Number 1 Morrissey fawnsite until at least Christmas Eve, and maybe even beyond. It is time for me to disappear for a while. Here is OM's posting:

The next parody will soon be posted.

Once again it must be on the front page for 5 days with no interruption or updates.

If Rat agrees with these conditions, he may write as such below.


Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 4 December 2014 20:15

The new owner of the MorrisseysWorld blogsite, has posted a new article, and although I am loathed to give this attention seeker any sort of publicity, a debate has started as to who could possibly be behind the site. Here is the latest offering:

Morrissey: An Open Letter

Well, you have disappointed most of your fan base with the horrid, and barely listenable WPINOYB album, and you have the nerve to play most of it on your recent tour. The only ones who are pleased with this are you, the very sorry group of "musicians" that you call your band, and the losers known as the BRS.

You always say The Smiths are part of the past, yet you still trudge out some of their songs on tour--hmmm?

It is a pleasure to have this site, and until you reunite with the likes of Alain, Boz, Gary, and Spencer, no one will respect you or your current work. Well, maybe the fools known as the deluded dozen.

Warmest regards,

A True Fan

P.S. I will be like the world's largest sycophant, TRB, and delete any comments that are not worthy of publication. For example, Comrade Harps tried to post something, but he lacked the intellect and thoughtfulness to be permitted to post.
The best bit of this open letter is where the author calls for Moz to reunite with Boz, but I also like the fact that they call themselves a "true fan", having slagged off Morrissey's latest album and band. This 'open letter' stinks to me of being a spoof, designed to make us think that the blog has been taken over by one of the Solowers, but if that were the case, then A) They wouldn't call it 'SoLow' World and B) The author would have had NO interest in Broken, who was the subject of the first article on the site. I am still convinced that it is the work of Chuck, but here is a list of all the runners and their latest odds:

CHUCK: 1/2. Fell out with Broken when he refused to provide her with the evidence she demanded during 'Fag-gate'. Has pretended to be me on both SoLow & twitter, so has previous form for such things. Very bitter about having been expelled from the BRS by Broken.

THAT MAN 5/1. Hates Morrissey.


UNCLE SKINNY: 5/1. Hates Morrissey.

ANOTHER SOLOWER: 5/1. Hates Morrissey.

JOYCE GOAT: 5/1. Hates Morrissey.


JUDGE WEEKS: (If still alive) 5/1. Hates Morrissey.

NIGEL DAVIS QC: 5/1. Hates Morrissey.

MORRISSEY: 5/1. Hates Morrissey.

BRADLEY STEYN: 10/1. Twat.

BANJAXER: 100/1. Could be doing this as a joke. Many twitter aliases. Has a blog.

MARCUS THE GREEK: 200/1. Fell out with Broken when he refused to provide him with the evidence he demanded during 'Fag-gate'. An unlikely candidate as he would probably not have known the names Alain, Gary and Spencer. Full of own self importance. Has a blog.

GOB: 500/1. Fell out with Broken after allegedly mocking his suicide attempt, calling him a fag, and showing disgust at him fancying a younger man (Bieber). Not a Solower and unlikely to have the wit to write a spoof letter. Has a blog.

LIZZYCAT: 1000/1. Sided with GOB during her fall out out with Broken, and has remained there ever since.

ROSY MIRES 1000/1. Despite promising to walk away from MorrisseysWorld in 2012 following Our Mozzer's mocking of Whitney Houston's demise, Rosy has always remained, and is bitter. Has criticised some of the tracks on WPINOYB, but as she has travelled all over the place to see Moz on this tour, is an unlikely candidate.


WILLOW: 1000/1. Fell out with Broken when he pointed out her tweets were dull.

GEORGE EDGE. 1000/1. Sided with Willow when she fell out with Broken, and has remained there. Has a blog.

ANON WHO ALWAYS MOANS THAT HE/SHE WAS FIRST TO COME UP WITH THE IDEA OF BLUE ROSE: 1000/1. An unlikely candidate as the text on the site would have been one long ramble and would have gone on about how the idea of the blue rose came from another in the first place and had been stolen by those with no scruples just because they weren't homeless or could afford to go and watch Morrissey all over the world whereas others who are less fortunate can't but that doesn't mean they love Morrissey any less.

Morrissey returns to the stage tonight in Athens, and then has five more concerts before the end of the tour. As this will be my last blog entry for a while, let me take this opportunity to wish all of the BRS members a Merry Christmas, and to the others who read this old tosh of mine, I wish for you the ability to open your eyes, minds and hearts. One day you will realise.

*Goes off singing* And I've never felt so alive, in the whole of my life, in the whole of myyyy life. Free yourself, be yourself, come to The Arms and see yourself.