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Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 1132 - The Kid's a Looker

In my last blog article, I once again made mention of Justin Bieber, and I explained that the very mention of Bieber on the MorrisseysWorld blog was enough to convince the vast majority of Morrissey's fans that their God of indie-pop was nothing whatsoever to do with MorrisseysWorld. I openly confess, that if I hadn't been Following The Mozziah for the past three years, I too would have very quickly dismissed any notion that my hero, Morrissey, would have any interest in a teeny-bop pop star from Canada; it is absurd! And yet.....

Following on from that last blog entry, Broken left this comment:
"I would recommend your next blog article focuses on Bieber's body and mind and his songs. You should use lots of shirtless pictures."

I replied saying that I just don't know enough about Bieber, and asked Broken to write about Biebs instead; explaining why he finds Biebs so fascinating. I got this back:

"Go head Rat. See it as an intriguing project. All I ask is you post at least 15 shirtless pics, and write something interesting about Biebs."

Broken has left it down to me to ham-fistedly try and explain the connections between Morrissey and Bieber, so I will give it a try, but before I do, I need to write more about Broken. The way I see it, Broken is the side of Morrissey that he sang about in the song I Am Two People, i.e. "the other one you don't know, but you don't want to". In my last blog entry, I wrote that Broken is the "lifeless, functionless" side of Morrissey that only appears when he is at his lowest ebb, but I got that COMPLETELY and UTTERLY wrong; there is MUCH MUCH MUCH more to Broken than that, as has been re-emphasised to me this morning on twitter- more of which I will report later in this entry.

Broken is NOT a lifeless and functionless side of Morrissey that just exists, Morrissey is in full control of Broken, and writes as 'Broken' at will. In fact, Morrissey often uses his broken 'character' to exploit other people's bigotry and flaws. The Option B Brigade call Broken a bully, but this is only because he has revealed truths about them that they haven't liked to see, so they turn the blame on him. Broken isn't a bully, he is anything but a bully. EARS sums Broken up very well with this comment left on my last blog entry:

"Broken can be sharp & 'outspoken'. I also feel he is a deep & sensitive person who can be warm & compassionate."

And now to Justin Bieber. Having seen Broken's request for me to write a blog entry about Bieber, BRS member Kerry Action contacted me, asking me NOT to write it. She is worried about the ridicule that BRS members will get, and fears that nobody will ever take me serious if I write about such things. Unfortunately for Kerry, I have no interest whatsoever in what anyone else might think, I am ONLY interested in the story of Morrissey on the internet, and as Morrissey is Broken, I find it fascinating to discuss his interest in Bieber. If Kerry or any others are only here because they want to be in a 'club', then this is the wrong place. As Adam Ant once said, ridicule is NOTHING to be scared of.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to the MorrisseysWorld blog, so I have no idea when Bieber was first mentioned by Our Mozzer. The very first connection that can be made between Morrissey and Biebs is through the Morrissey song The Kid's A Looker, which was premiered on the Janice Long Radio Show on June 14th 2011, and then sung live for the first time the following night in Perth:

The lyrics to The Kid's A Looker very obviously suggest that it is about Justin Bieber, who in 2011 was a seventeen year old who had just released his 3-D concert film, Never Say Never. The lyrics to Kid include, "there's no pretence, this kid is dense, but what the hell, the kid's a looker", which would suggest that Morrissey had very little regard for Bieber, and no doubt saw him as yet "another nonsense non-star" invading his territory, i.e. the pop charts, but that was three years ago, and perhaps Morrissey's opinion of Biebs has changed, particularly as JB is not only still around, but now has the look of a young Elvis Presley, and a following that has now reached unbelievable levels; over 56 million followers on twitter.


In August 2011, the MorrisseysWorld blog made mention of Never Say Never, and Our Mozzer referred to him and Boz watching the film whilst on tour in the Isle of Man, and Boz then posting a review on IMDB. I have managed to find the review, and it is hilarious:

The Review of Never Say Never:

An inspiring tale of success against all the odds

Author: bboorer from Isle of Man, England
3 August 2011
I'm not one for crying but I have to admit I cried my eyes out during this movie. Justin Bieber reveals himself to be a thoroughly likable guy with a good nose for a pop song. I thought it was amazing how he continued fighting against everything that came his way to achieve his goal of success as an artist. I cried profusively in the final scenes.

Watching this heart-rendering movie made me re-evaluate my own life-goals and career. As someone who dreamed of being the next Buddy Holly as a kid I can't help but think I lost my insperation somewhere along the long and dusty road. Doing what I do now is OK but it's just not what I signed up for. As Justin says, "never give up on you're dreams." The man is a true inspiration for all and this movie proves what a decent all-round lad he is and what a superb role model for youngsters. This movie has it all - twists and turns, interal and external demons and a story of success and redemption.

I recommend highly. Best movie I've seen since 'Terminator' with Arnie back in the day.

The review by 'Boz' is very obviously a piss take of Never Say Never, and again I wonder if Morrissey's opinion on Biebs has subsequently changed since that was written. I would imagine that Morrissey very much likens Bieber to Elvis and James Dean, and from what has been revealed via MorrisseysWorld, Morrissey expects Bieber to die young. Biebs would appear to be surrounded by completely the wrong people, and seems to have NO IDEA as to who he is, or where he is going with either his career or his life. He definitely has the platform to be the next Elvis, so why isn't that happening?

Five days after writing the review of Bieber's Never Say Never, Morrissey entered the stage at the London Palladium and used Biebs words, "Welcome to my world":

I must interrupt myself very quickly to ask this question for the millionth time:


Right, now that I've got that out of my system, back to the subject matter.

Broken has of course mentioned Biebs many many many times, and posted hundreds of photos of him on twitter. If I had a month to prepare this piece, I would trawl back though FollowingTheMozziah to find quotes from Broken about Bieber, but unfortunately I don't. By chance, I have today stumbled across this comment from Broken in the comments section of Day 856 of FTM:

Only a fraction of the signs were documented. Even Morrissey's recent fashion of wearing two crosses around his neck is a tongue-in-cheek reference to JB who often wears two crosses. It goes deeper than any of you realise.

Rather interestingly, in the same comments section of Day 856 , Broken replies to a comment posted by Fifi, writing this:

"Sleep tight Fifi. This story will, I suspect, run and run."

Broken is supposed to hate Fifi, and recently he has been stating that she is an imposter! Finding this comment of Broken's from January has cracked me up laughing, as it shows that Morrissey can't always keep track of his 'characters' characteristics! I bet there are loads more examples of this, but it is all so fast paced in MorrisseysWorld and Morrissey's world, that we all forget these things. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

Anyway, back to Bieber, and back to Broken's quote, "it goes deeper than any of you realise". There is no point in me trying to second guess what Broken means by this, but if Morrissey's two crosses are Bieber related, then I am positive that Morrissey's recent all white stage outfit is also a nod to Bieber. The question is, what else is there, and what else have we all missed?

Perhaps there is a connection with the blue rose, but I don't really see one. Morrissey's Blue Rose Society is about him, not Bieber, and Bieber didn't have a rose tattoo until 2013, although of course he was using roses as a prop during One Less Lonely Girl, which perhaps inspired Our Mozzer to ask for roses in the first place.


I don't really know what else to add. I have no idea if Morrissey fancies Bieber, hates Bieber, is frustrated by Bieber, is intrigued by Bieber, or all of the above and more. One thing I am pretty certain of though, is that there IS a connection, although of course, "Morrissey would NEVER".

At around 10.30 this morning, after I had started writing this piece, Broken appeared on twitter. He posted a few photos of JB and also a photo of some purple trainers. We then had a conversation:

ME: I'll add them (the trainers) to my Christmas wish list. WellSwagg

BROKEN: I can see you looking wellswagg in those shoes, Rat. I want a Biebs for my birthday.

ME: It can be done. Deluxe and delightful.

(I then posted a picture of a blow-up Just-in Beaver.)

BROKEN: Do the FTM article. Follow my instructions. Watch MW emerge from the ashes like a phoenix.

ME: I'm already writing it. It's looking good, but a little ham-fisted. I don't know enough about your mind.

BROKEN: Bieber's mind, not mine. Explore his appeal, his swag and his attitude.

ME: I know nothing of Bieber, and certainly not his mind. I will do my best.

BROKEN: You can include my poem about his death on a park bench.

I can only presume that Broken was referring to the song, not poem, My Fingernails Collect the World's Problems, which was actually written by Our Mozzer and NOT Broken; although as we have now ascertained, they are one and the same, and posted on twitter in January. I subsequently posted the words on FTM on Day 860 (after initially fucking it up on Day 859). Here are the words:

'The sky was crimson and your jokes were barbed
Blackest envy gripped your precious heart
You vomited for hours
You died on a bench

As coldness rotted your still-living bones
Politicians made cuts
Bankers got fat
My fingernails collect the world's problems
My fingernails collect the world's problems

As bitter and cold as I am,
My heart, such as it is, goes out to you,
Your blue lips colder than Fulham Road in December,
Your small mind broken by the spite of this world,

I'm sorry I did nothing,
So sorry,
As I live, I will never feel a thing again,
Your life was everything to me,
And now I am a frozen shadow.'

Also posted at the same time as Fingernails was this:

'Never Say Always' 

In your room you sit
Youtube mocks and haunts you,
There for all the world to see
Your many failings and fears,
A public spectacle again

Tears fall like raindrops
But managers apply foundation and touching cream
Lights hurt your eyes
But still you smile
Never say always

Whilst Broken was in The Twitterdilly Arms this morning, he took the opportunity to give Marcus Markou a few honest words. Marcus tried to start a war of words with Broken, but when Broken very quickly got the better of him, Marcus resorted to what ALL of the Option B Brigade do, he screamed, "BULLY". I don't follow Marcus, and Broken has subsequently closed his account, so I haven't got the whole conversation, but I managed to copy some of it:

MARCUS: @Broken1andonly You haven't got the balls to take me on, not really. You're far too fragile and unstable. It wouldn't be a fair fight.

I presume Broken responded to this by mocking Marcus about flyering his own film in Cineworld:

MARCUS: If you knew me you'd know the flying is the centrepiece of many a dinner party. The other artists wish they were as free.

BROKEN: Oh yes - I'm sure others crave to flyer their film at a local cinema. All others strive to be you. You are truly free.

MARCUS: They wish they had my courage. Something you lack.

BROKEN: Fighting for women's education in Pakistan. Climbing Everest. Overcoming disability. Flyering a film at cineworld. Hash tag Oddoneout

MARCUS: Everybody has to start somewhere. My journey began in the cinema foyer. Where was yours?

BROKEN: No your journey ended in the cinema foyer. It began when you began to think you were more than an internet entrepreneur.

BROKEN: Rat, Just how pathetic is @PapaSonsFilm (Marcus)

ME: He is just misguided. He, like many others, sees the world as black and white. You are VERY complex.

BROKEN: Marcus is a simple man. I agree. He's also out of his depth and sinking fast. Do you think his wit matches mine?

ME: In written form you will out-wit EVERYBODY. On stage Morrissey looks in control of the world, and yet...

BROKEN: I can do this but I was also OM. I can handle anyone, certainly in written form.

MARCUS: I suspect I'm the last throw of the dice for your doomed online experiment. I'm flattered by the attention.

BROKEN: Bitter and desperate.

MARCUS: Two words I'm not normally associated by people who know me but I'm working towards them with your assistance. The normally quiet @TheRatsBack has suddenly sprung to life now he can bully me with his dimwit pal @Broken1andonly.

BROKEN: Nobody is bullying you. We're laughing at your bloated self-regard.

MARCUS: No, you're not bullying. You are trying to do it and doing it very badly. Quite sweet really. A pair of idiots.

BROKEN: You're the one that started it, you dim-witted, oafish, delusional bore. You're an intellectual bluebottle among spiders. Be gone.

Marcus doesn't of course believe that Broken is Morrissey, he believes him to be a fraud. We must now await to see if Marcus is right, and that this really is the last throw of the fraudsters "doomed online experiment", or will we "watch MW emerge from the ashes like a phoenix" as predicted by Broken, i.e. Morrissey?

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And in the meantime, tonight's Morrissey's concert in Lyon has been cancelled due to band illness. You couldn't make this up.