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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Day 1614 - Morrissey reigns Supreme

Posters of Morrissey wearing a t-shirt manufactured by the clothing company Supreme have started to appear on the streets of cities throughout the world; which in turn has led to the media, Morrissey fans, and Supreme fans speculating that Morrissey may be about to be officially named as the person spearheading Supreme's new Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. As far as I am aware, there has been no such speculation from Diana Ross.

This speculation is of course NOT news or indeed a surprise to the deluded dozen or so members of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society, who were told by Our Mozzer LAST SEPTEMBER to look out for a photo of him taken by Terry Richardson. Actually, Our Mozzer wasn't quite that blatant with the information as he chatted in the BRS chatroom with Kerry, Jesse, MerryAnne, Chuck and Jaz on that day in September 2015, what he actually said to them, was to look out for a photo of him taken by a photographer with the initials TR, and that the photographer's name was similar to Kerry's - Kerry is Kerry Richards, or at least was, Kerry is now Kerry Messenger after some poor soul called Dave got bullied into marriage.


I wasn't in the MW chatroom on that September day; mainly because no one ever lets me know when Our Mozzer enters the chatroom, but if I had been there, then I would have blogged about Mozzer's mention of a forthcoming Terry Richardson photo - actually, I expect that is the reason why no one ever tips me off that M is in the chatroom, as they know I will end up repeating the conversations here on my blog, and some of them are very keen to keep the internet using 'Fake Morrissey' to themselves.

I only found out about the September chatroom chat, in early December, when Chuck aka Orange Mécanique eventually decided to write about 'Fake Moz' mentioning the 'forthcoming Terry Richardson photo' on her blog, The World of Moz. It is a shame that Chuck only wrote about the chatroom chat after Morrissey's website, True-To-You, had posted a photo of Moz wearing a Supreme shirt, if she had written about it before the photo had been published, it would have made it a HUGE story.


There has been no official word as yet that the photo of Morrissey on the Supreme posters was indeed taken by Terry Richardson, but members of the BRS are in NO DOUBT that this news will be forthcoming soon enough; although as Terry Richardson has been used by Supreme for previous campaigns involving the likes of Lou Reed and Neil Young, the announcement that Richardson took the photo of Moz won't exactly come as a massive surprise to anyone, which therefore means that, despite Our Mozzer leaking the news about the photo to the BRS back in September, NO ONE will take a blind bit of notice, and NOTHING will change. Would it have been different if that piece by Orangey Chuck had been posted before the TTY photo was published? We will never know, but I don't think those BRS members should worry too much about the outside world discovering their 'Fake Mozzer', after all, I have been writing this blog of mine for nearly four and a half years, and despite me listing hundreds of blatant signs given by Morrissey to prove that he actually is the 'Fake Mozzer' who uses the internet to interact with his fans, the world won't listen. They don't WANT to believe, they are sleeping.



Justin Bieber is a fan of Supreme, so perhaps he will be next.

*Goes off singing* Terry wants my photograph, Terry says our love will last forever, and he should know