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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Day 2209 - The Test of Naked Male Flesh

Following the publication of Dawn Mist's album track listing and lyrics for the song Last of a Foul Brood, I decided to take a closer look at the titles of the songs Dawn had listed, to try and decide which ones, if any, might actually be real. I decided that No Human Sound could well be a real one, and so on Thursday, I made up some lyrics which I posted on Twitter. Morfessa responded by tweeting, "Barking up the wrong tree", but I don't know if that was in reference to my lyrics; which were about abuse, or about the song title being a real one.

Morfessa returned to Twitter again last night to post a picture of some sailors, accompanied by the caption, The Test of Naked Male Flesh, which is the title of another song on Dawn's list.

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Morfessa then posted this set of lyrics:

Rebuked for the evil that resides in the skin
Dissuaded from ever thinking of him
You shame yourself with smiles
Sigh and point blame at the sky
Past the steps on the parade
Where happy memories are never made
You leer into the window and
That's when you see him
And he's so handsome
And you're so ugly
And oh the test of naked male flesh
You tried your best
You did your best

About 20 minutes after posting these lyrics, Morfessa posted them again into my Twitter DM box, with these additional ones:

Rebuked for the evil that exists in the mind
Convinced towards normality
Now with downward gaze and face of sorrow
You've made an enemy of tomorrow
Past the steps on the parade
Where happy memories are never made
You leer into the window and
That's where you see him
And he is young,
Younger than you've ever been
The test of naked male flesh
Shut your mouth
And watch him get dressed

Locked up in your terrors
Hating and fearing every soul
Especially your own children
Because you failed
The test of Naked Male Flesh
The test of Naked Male Flesh

I replied to this tweet by saying, "I didn't think that title was a real one. I think you're toying with me", to which Morrissey replied, "Have I not been for years?" I tweeted back, "Yes, but I wouldn't put it past you to throw out a real song", and got the reply, "Well imagine if that was the real song." I asked, "Is it real?". He replied, "Is anything?", followed an hour and a half later by, "Track 5". Toying or real? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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The only other thing I have to report, is that The Queen is Dead reached Number 1 on the Official UK Singles Vinyl Chart yesterday. I sent a DM message to Morrissey, congratulating him on his first UK Number 1. He replied, "It should have been Irish Blood, English Heart". I agreed, but suggested that he still should treat himself to a glass of something. His reply..... "A glass of what? Paint stripper?". Despite him not seemingly very excited, I have no doubt that Our Mozzer will feel some sort of pleasure.... but rather than celebrate, he will instead continue to brood at the injustice of Irish Blood, English Heart missing out 13 years ago.

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