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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Day 1123 - Habit

Broken appeared in The Arms at 8.20pm (9.20pm Florence time) last night, and posted his last tweet at 9.45pm Florence time. I am pretty sure Morrissey went on stage at about 9.30, which once again proves that if the Broken account is used by Morrissey, then it obviously isn't exclusively used by him. The account also 'disappeared' mid concert. I no longer know what to make of it all. For what it is worth, Broken's tweets were mainly Bieber related.

Staircase at the University was played live for the first time last night in "Firenze, Firenze, hold on to your friendze":

I have nothing more to add. I'm still not too sure why I continue to write this blog, after all, MorrisseysWorld is dead, and Our Mozzer has declared the BRS dead. I guess this is now just habit, although something tells me that this isn't the end. Surely another blue rose will be accepted and worn?