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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Day 2075 - Brockmans' island

A rather tipsy Dawn Mist showed up in The Wrong Arms last night, clutching a black bottle. Here are her offerings:

"The lighthouse shines brighter on the island."

"One may return back to the lighthouse of hopelessness."

"The lighthouse has found a new gin. Brockmans is quintessentially exquisite."

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When I enquired if the lighthouse referred to might be on Long Island, the reply was:

"Alas, not this year. EC only for reformation"

The reformation referred to is the one which had been hinted at last month. I asked, "No ref this year then?", to which Dawn replied, "*blows cheeks* apparently not".

I now think I know what the "death" and "personal sadness" that Our Mozzer referred to the other day was all about.

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Dawn often speaks in riddles, and I am wondering if the lighthouse on the island could refer to there being a forthcoming concert in Hawaii; the place where Morrissey gave me an interview in 2012 - an interview which included a quote about What Difference Does it Make, which now quote as gospel.
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And finally, something that could mean something, or could mean nothing. On True-To-You website last week, Morrissey announced a 'schedule' for concerts in the US, whereas the dates for Mexico were listed as 'confirmed'. Despite some of these US shows having already sold out, will they actually go ahead?

And now, I am off for a pint in The Spice Island Inn, and then to watch my football team play against Accrington Stanley.... no Brockmans in the surroundings of luxury lighthouses for little old me.

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